Sailing Albufeira

Adrenalin in the glowing heat of Albufeira! Set out for a sailing adventure experience off the coast of Albufeira, and return to the heat of the night in the numerous bars and discothèques.

One of the most popular seaside resorts in the Algarve due to its liveliness and irreverence, Albufeira offers you unique experiences and sensations. Its beaches of fine white sand and clear warm sea are an invitation to relaxation and rest. Order a cocktail and cool off at one of the many open-air cafés on the beachfront.

At the Albufeira Marina, renovated with sophisticated modern equipment, there is a varied and irresistible range of offers for you to experience a sailing adventure off the coast of the Algarve. Hire a boat, plan your trip and wonder at the variety of experiences.

Leaving Albufeira, right at the heart of the Algarve, you have the immensity of the warm, calm sea of the Algarve coast at your disposal. The choice is yours! Let the adventure relax you, and sail to the Spanish frontier. On the way you can discover Faro’s hidden islands and the wonders of the Nature Reserve at Castro Marim and the River Guadiana.

You have at your disposal the real paradises, inaccessible by land, of the unspoilt deserted beaches and coves hidden between dunes and cliffs. Feel you are in paradise by diving into these havens in the hot sun of the Algarve summer.

To the Barlavento (windward) side, follow the emotion of the Portuguese Discoveries Route, passing the town of Lagos towards the Sagres Promontory, and drop off on the fine white sand of one of the hidden islands.

Satisfy your curiosity and discover the other marinas on the Algarve coast. You can choose between the cosmopolitan Vilamoura Marina and the sophisticated marinas at Lagos and Portimão.

Back in Albufeira, don’t resist the temptation to stroll through the old seafarers’ districts and up the winding streets with their narrow pavements, where a bar, restaurant or discothèque lurks at every corner. Albufeira can take you to the edge with the hot, dizzy rhythm of its nights. Enjoy the cuisine of the Algarve, the succulent fish and shellfish dishes and the local speciality, cataplana, or fish casserole. Try the regional almond-based desserts, washed down with medronho (arbutus-berry brandy).